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St Martin's

St Martin's is about two miles long and three-quarters of a mile wide at its broadest point, which makes it (at 222 hectares) the third largest island after St Mary's and Tresco. It lies at the north-eastern corner of the group and gives visitors to the Islands their first glimpse of Scilly as they approach from the mainland.

An island of contrasts
A granite ridge runs along the spine of the island which lays roughly east to west. The area to the north of this is fairly rugged, characterised by beautiful heathland of purple heather and golden gorse terminating in rugged cliffs.

The area to the south of the granite ridge has much softer contours and is cultivated in small, narrow fields which lead down to white sandy beaches. It is on this part of the island that three clusters of habitation accommodate the island population of about one hundred people. Higher Town, Middletown and Lowertown are joined by a single narrow road which runs from Highertown Quay to Lowertown Quay.

The pattern of bulb fields and enclosed hilltops has gradually become obscured as land has fallen out of cultivation, though the island boasts a thriving flower farm in Highertown, and numerous small fields are gradually being reclaimed by grazing stock, or for the production of vegetables.

Beautiful beaches
St Martin's is renowned for its tranquility and for having the best beaches - you can always find a glorious sheltered beach whatever the wind direction and, even at the height of summer, be its only occupants. The sea around is a wonderfully clear - there are no rivers to muddy the waters - but its tropical blue appearance belies the fact that it's usually a couple of degrees cooler than the waters of mainland Cornwall. Most refreshing on a hot summer day!

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