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St Mary's to St Martin's

A St.Mary's Boatmen's Association boat leaves St Mary's quay after the Scillonian docks at approximately 12.30.  Luggage on the Scillonian is transferred directly onto this boat.   Air passengers will need to carry their own bags onto this boat.  You must always travel with your luggage.

You do not need to book a space for this transfer, carefully hop on and pay onboard.

This boat journey takes approximately 25 minutes, and may be on an open boat so it might be worth keeping a coat handy. 

Bikes & kayaks cannot be carried on these boats, so you will need to book these in with the Isles of Scilly Steamship Group for transport to St.Martin's when you book your travel arrangements.

All luggage is handled manually by the boat crews, please ensure that all items are securely packed, well labelled and restrict each single item of luggage to a maximum of 25kg. If your tent weighs more than this then please separate the poles and pegs etc and have them as additional luggage.

We strongly recommend against bringing large Airbeam tents which cannot be broken down into lighter packages.

Any item over 25kg will not be transported on the inter island tripper boats. 

You can have such items freighted across as palletised freight. Please contact the Isles of Scilly Steamship group to book this in separately, please also let us know as we will have to organise a separate collection to meet the freight boat and transport your freight to the campsite, we charge the same as we do for camping trailers (£40.00 return).

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St Martin's Quay to campsite

There are two quays on St Martin's:

Lowertown Quay (at Karma St Martin's Hotel) is very close to the campsite, being only some 400m along the road and an easy 5 minute walk.

Highertown Quay is rather more distant at about 1,500m with a fairly steep hill as soon as you leave the quay.  The view from the top of the hill is, however, spectacular!

Luggage transport to/from quay to campsite
If you have pre-booked luggage transport, Ben and Caroline will meet you upon arrival at the quay with a tractor and trailer.

To coincide with the boats and shipping containers, camping luggage for departures can only go on the 10.35 to St.Marys and arrivals on the 12.30 from St.Marys (or upon arrival of Scillonian) to St. Martin's.

After you have helped to load your luggage we will transport it all to the campsite.  No room for passengers, so the final leg of your journey will be on foot. The campsite is well signposted on the south side of the road.

If you are Island hopping you may well travel on a different islands boating company rather than our scheduled  St.Mary's Boatmen's Association boats, this is not a problem, if you want your luggage transported please let us know the time and quay you will be arriving at; you may need to leave your luggage for an hour or so (it will be quite safe) and we will collect it when we meet the scheduled arrivals boat.

Don't Panic!!
We realise for anyone visiting the islands for the first time, getting here with all your camping gear seems to be very complicated!

Do not worry it really isn't. We have hundreds of campers each year, with all sorts of luggage (Yes, even a kitchen sink, once) and it all works very easily and successfully - it must, as so many keep coming back year after year.

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