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Tips for first timers

All luggage must be clearly labelled with your name and 'St. Martins Campsite', and weigh no more than 20kg each.

Luggage has to be handled by hand between boats and on St Martins, so it's best to pack several light, strong packages rather than one big one.   Upon arrival on St Mary's from the mainland, luggage is transferred directly from the Scillonian to the appropriate inter island boat that's heading to St Martin's.

You must always travel with your luggage on this boat between St. Mary's and St. Martin's.

When you arrive on St. Martin's:
It is a long standing tradition that everyone helps with the loading and unloading of luggage off or onto the boat by forming a human chain, so please don't go off and leave others to carry your luggage for you.

It is your responsibility to identify your luggage and to load it onto the campsite trailer so that Ben or Caroline can then transport it to the campsite from the quay.  

On your return journey, you will have to carry your own luggage off the inter island boat when you get to St Mary's Quay and put it into the appropriate container ready to be loaded onto the Scillonian.

Label all your packages clearly - there is a chance one may become separated from the rest, and it makes recovery easier. It's very rare for an item to become completely "lost", but it may end up on the wrong island if it doesn't have a label! If you don't have enough for all your luggage items, the Steamship Company have plentiful supplies on Penzance Quay.

Make sure that every bag has your name and "St. Martin's Campsite" clearly visible

Tent pegs
Some areas of the campsite have light, sandy soil, so it's a good idea to bring a few heavy duty plastic pegs for tent corners/storm guys, as these don't pull out of the ground as readily as straight metal ones.(We do have a good supply in the honesty barn).

You can place an order at the Post Office/General Stores so its ready for you to collect upon your arrival. See Island 'Shopping' for details. 

Alternatively for a fee of £5.00 we can deliver your ordered groceries to your tent.  Please let us know at least 24hrs before you arrive if you require this service.

Registered Address: Unit A, Woodlands Court, Truro Business Park, Truro, Cornwall TR4 9NH